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Our Mission

  • To create paid work opportunities for Prisoners

  • To provide skills and qualifications that will help Prisoners secure employment on release

  • To create specific sustainable employment opportunities for ex-offenders

  • To reduce re-offending

Everyone deserves another chance

" We have all made mistakes in our lives, and will continue to make them.  Small ones, big ones and some massive ones.  Lots of our mistakes have had little impact, others may have had devastating effects on our families and people around us

So we make amends, apologise, put things right where we can, receive our punishment.  We learn, move on and in the main are often given more chances

But it is a different story for ex-offenders.  Even though there are many who on release have the intention to 'go straight', with very few work opportunities, life can be extremely hard back 'on the outside'

With this in mind I have developed a programme that provides meaningful training and work for prisoners within our 'Inspiration Academy' workshops and more importantly real work opportunities for them on release.

Our first training programme and workshop opened in September 2018 at HMP New Hall, a women's prison in Wakefield … to learn more please contact me"

Ian Bacon

Managing Director 'Easy Peasy' Cooking (Suffolk) Limited

Founder of the 'Thyme For Work' programme