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Who are we ?

'Easy Peasy' Cooking started life on Ipswich market in 2016.  We sold herbs, spices and seasonings, blended into Recipe Kits to make mealtimes easier, tastier and healthier.  Very quickly we found that people on weight management plans loved our Recipe Kits, with over 90% of our online sales being to members of the UK's biggest slimming club.

Having won a Theo Paphitis Small Business Award, and with the resulting publicity, in 2017 we opened our Factory Shop to support a nationwide demand for our low calorie/low fat Recipe Kits.  We continue to innovate and in May 2018 we launched the UK's first Recipe Kit range for Vegans.  In September 2018 our 'Inspiration' Recipe Kits will be the first in the UK that address the majority of dietary needs.  Meat Eaters, Vegetarians and Vegans will be able to cook tasty and healthy meals from the same Recipe Kit.

With an increasing interest for our products from a number of the large Retailers, and not having the capacity to produce the volume, we turned to the Prison Service to provide us with the packaging capability.  The more we learnt about the lack of work opportunities for offenders on release, and in particular for women, the more we realised that there was something as a business that we could (and should) do about it ….

Our first 'Inspiration Academy' opened in HMP New Hall women's prison in Wakefield Yorkshire at the beginning of September 2018  >>>>

Tikka Masala - Inspiration Recipe Kit